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JDB is a top gaming content provider in Asia. We were the first to create five major types of online gambling. Our JDB team made a special system to understand how players behave and to figure out market trends.

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Experience the finest online slot games at Spadegaming, your premier destination for gaming. Spadegaming offers top-notch gaming solutions and exceptional services, ensuring a premium experience for online casino players.

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King Maker is a fun chess game where lots of people play different games together, like Pok Deng, Biacao, Blackjack, and more. Enjoy the cool 3D vision and effects that make the game exciting!

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Step into Acewin, the top online gambling site that follows accepted standards in Asia. Widely used by Malaysians, it has a simple website design and offers a variety of gambling games that are easy for everyone to enjoy. Our website also supports the Thai language, making it accessible to more people.

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Check out our wide range of online slot games and jackpots. Apart from the usual tables in a casino, the exciting lights and effects of slots are a big draw. Many players in Malaysia have won big jackpots playing these thrilling slot games, which makes slot games hold a special place in their hearts.

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Pragmatic Play offers favorite games to leading global brands in the iGaming industry. With a single API, we offer new gaming options including popular slots, live casino games, bingo, virtual sports, sports betting, and more. Our games are available in major  markets, supporting different languages and currencies.

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Experience Poker at the #1 ATAS Casino in Malaysia! Pokerwin stands out among the array of casino games offered at Winbox Casino, providing an exciting Poker Win Game experience in Malaysia. Discover the world of Malaysia Poker Casino and unlock enticing rewards. Explore hello rewards, cashback, frequent prizes, and loyalty bonuses tailored for our players.

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In 2017, Mega888 brought its online casino games to Malaysia, catching the interest of many players and providing an outstanding gaming experience. It has become a popular and long-lasting option for online betting, being one of the oldest casinos. Mega888 is proud to offer top-quality online video games, making it a go-to place for players who want excellent entertainment.


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Big Gaming stands out as a favored live casino game within the ATAS platform. Whether it’s the seamless gaming experience or the diverse range of game types, it consistently brings satisfaction to our esteemed customers! ATAS proudly supports wagers of up to a maximum of RM50,000 in Big Gaming, enhancing the thrill for our players.

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Asia Gaming stands as a premier provider of online gaming solutions in the Asian region. The rising number of Asian players in Europe has spurred a need to address their increasing demands. With a long-standing presence in Asia, we possess a deep understanding of the unique needs of Asian players. We cater to these requirements by offering a maximum bet limit of up to RM100,000, providing an elevated gaming experience.

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Get ready for an exciting new casino experience with the lively AE Sexy Baccarat team! They’ve stepped into the high-end bikini casino scene, bringing in glamorous dealers, even from the United States. Thanks to strong resources and unique technology, every bet can go up to RM100,000. It’s all about fun and thrill!

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ATAS proudly introduces Malaysia’s first-ever cockfighting platform! Witness the intense blood sport between two gamecocks, known as cockfighting, taking place in a designated arena called a cockpit. The tradition of breeding fowl for these battles has a rich history, stretching back over 6,000 years. Join us in experiencing this unique and age-old form of competition.

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Playtech stands as the globe’s largest online gaming software provider, publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange Main Market. We provide innovative and value-added solutions to the industry’s top operators. Since our establishment in 1999, Playtech has focused on the ongoing development of top-tier gaming products and content. Our success is rooted in robust partnerships with our licensees, fostering a commitment to excellence and continual advancement in the gaming sphere.

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Experience the ultimate casino platform catering to all your beloved online slots, table games, and fishing adventures! Welcome to a platform that embodies EVOLUTION! From familiar favorites like Lucky Panda, Roulette, Baccarat to the thrilling Fishing Star, all your preferred games await you here. The finest casino in Malaysia has arrived, capturing the hearts of all players with its unbeatable bonuses and convenient accessibility. Join the excitement!

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HOT ROAD Online Casino started in 2023. What makes it special is its cool robot technology that deals cards automatically. As land-based casinos closed down, many players switched to Online Casino for a mobile experience. HOT ROAD Online Casino also lets people enjoy free Online Casino Games on Android and IOS apps. You can play Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, and more.



In Malaysia, there are many online betting platforms. If you know about IBCbet, you might also know about MAXBET. That’s correct! MAXBET used to be called IBCbet, but now it’s creating a very good and new platform. That’s why MAXBET is always a favorite among players. MAXBET is a great choice for everyone. This article will tell you more about MAXBET’s special features.


In SBOBET, you can bet on more than 1,500 sports events every week. They also have fun live dealer casino games, exclusive games, international horse and dog racing, and betting on financial markets. It’s a one-stop place for betting on all your favorite sports and teams!


The top Asian Handicap Specialist, globally provides the best odds in Live Sports, Live Casino, Slot Games, and Horse Racing. Accessible on mobile devices.


At BTi, we are proud of our innovative product that helps our partners make money regularly. We want to give them all the solutions they need with special customer support and services. Our brand is strong, and we have partners in all Asian markets.


First of all, 9wickets was the first to let people gamble against each other online, not against the house. When you bet with 9wickets, you’re betting with other players, making it more like a game than putting money with a bookmaker who wants you to lose.


Unlike other horse racing gambling platforms, ATAS offers an instant “on-call” app right here. Players can place bets on their winning horses at any time with just a single button.


At ATAS Casino Malaysia, E1 Sports offers Esports betting, which refers to competitive gaming. It’s similar to traditional sports in many ways, with fans supporting teams, watching matches, and placing bets on the expected winners.



The most popular app in ATAS. Undoubtedly, ATAS boasts the highest payouts in Malaysia, as per the displayed pay table. You don’t have to be concerned about your winnings because ATAS will automatically transfer your rewards to your ATAS account promptly at 9 pm.
Supported Platforms:

  • Magnum
  • Damacai
  • Toto
  • Singapore
  • Sabah
  • Sarawak
  • Lucky Hari Hari
  • Perdana
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Atas presents an exclusive online casino platform in Malaysia, featuring a seamless download and setup procedure for instant access to an array of captivating games.

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Atas presents an exclusive online casino platform in Malaysia, featuring a seamless download and setup procedure for instant access to an array of captivating games.

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