BTI Sportsbook

Leading Sportsbook Provider in Malaysia

At BTi Sportsbook, we take pride in providing partners with an innovative solution that consistently brings in profits. Our goal is to offer integrated solutions that cater to partners’ individual needs through personalized customer support and services. With strong partnerships and a solid brand name across all Asian markets, BTi is well-positioned to serve partners effectively.

BTi’s expertise in software development and Sportsbook API technology, along with our advanced trading systems and extensive experience, enables us to deliver a profitable and user-friendly product to partners.

Why Choose BTI Sportsbook

Risk Management


BTi boasts a team of professional traders who excel in comprehensive risk management and player profiling, supported by groundbreaking risk management algorithms.

Our advanced back-office platform provides access to detailed gaming analysis and player assessments, ensuring a secure and profitable environment for our partners.

24/7 Global Partner Support

We offer round-the-clock support to our partners, ensuring prompt assistance whenever needed.

Our dedicated customer and IT support teams are readily available to ensure optimal product performance and offer expert assistance.

Each partner is assigned a designated account manager, providing a personalized touch and ensuring a seamless gaming experience.

Free Bet & Bonus Tools

Recognizing the importance of players in driving profitability and growth, we’ve developed an inclusive bonus and free bet system.

Our innovative bet smart system empowers partners to customize and control their own free bet and bonus criteria to suit their specific needs.

Cash Out Feature


Experience the thrill of always being in control with our CashOut feature.

Players enjoy a more rewarding gaming experience by having the option to cash out their winnings in advance, fostering confidence and loyalty in the BTi brand.

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After years of working closely with partners in various markets, we’ve continually improved and refined the BTi sportsbook platform. Our main aim is to offer partners a fully customized sportsbook solution that meets their needs. We’re dedicated to providing players with an engaging and seamless sportsbook gaming experience.


We’ve worked hard to make our product easy to use and intuitive, so players can enjoy a great experience. Plus, we’ve developed customizable tools and services for our partners to help them bring in new players and keep the ones they already have.

  • Engagement Tools with Free Bets
  • Live Match Tracker
  • Informative Event and Team Statistics
  • Cash Out Feature
  • Combo up to 20 events


Our team of reliable and highly trained experts is available around the clock to provide comprehensive support to our partners.

We offer a fully managed sportsbook solution, which means we handle all the technical details and provide the necessary infrastructure, allowing our partners to focus on growing their business.


BTi Sportsbook provides advanced technology to create a stable, flexible, and high-performing sportsbook platform, giving partners a competitive advantage.

Partners can easily integrate our sportsbook using the iFrame solution, making it a straightforward plug-and-play option. Our platform’s modular design allows customization to meet the unique market needs of each partner.

With our versatile iFrame solution, integrating the sportsbook platform is simple and can be customized to match your brand’s look and feel. You can easily adjust elements like skins, themes, banners, widgets, and layouts to suit the preferences of your target audience.

Our Sportsbook API empowers our partners to take charge of their user interface. They can design and build it themselves, tailored to their liking, while still enjoying access to our dependable back-end services and data, provided by our expert team.